Adhesive sales


As UK distributors of MECOFLOCK® flocking adhesives, we are able to supply you with the highest quality flocking adhesives available anywhere in the world. All MECOFLOCK® flocking adhesives have been designed and tested to provide perfect results when flock coating onto a large range of substrates including metals, woods, plastics, ceramics and fabrics.


NOTE – It is very important to the quality of the finished flocked surface to use a specialist flocking adhesive such as the MECOFLOCK range. These adhesives are all highly electrically conductive – a must for electrostatic flock coating. Beware of using “normal” adhesives such as epoxy resins etc as they bond to surfaces very well but do not flock very well, resulting in a patchy flock finish. We only sell and use specialist flocking adhesives.

Please call on 01923 775111 or email to discuss your adhesive requirements.

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